TsuSource Consulting Services was established in 2011 by Andrea Stephens, Principal Officer. The company was formed out of passion to ensure human Allograft tissue is safe, affordable, and available to everyone.

Our experts provide services to a wide range of health care professionals, and affiliates to meet their Allograft tissue needs.

We promote high standards of personal integrity, and everyone will be expected from top-down to comply.

Our customers can expect our team to be prompt, professional and uphold ethical business practices at all times.


TsuSource Consulting Services, LLC is committed to delivering resources customers can trust, and patients deserve. We are driven by the gift of donation to maximize your Allograft tissue opportunities.


MISSION: Work with appropriate organizations to ensure Allograft tissue is safe, and affordable.

VISION: Honor the gift of tissue donation, and work with the appropriate organizations to make product available to everyone.

VALUES: Encourage professionalism that supports ethical product procurement, and business practices.


TsuSource experts provide resources, which empower our customers to make strategic decisions about procurement, compliance, and utilization of human Allograft tissue. Our tissue experts can help achieve desired clinical results after transplantation and provide an allograft cost analysis.

Our team has over twenty-five years combined experience in effective tissue procurement, processing, distribution, sales, marketing and quality assurance. Our team can recommend alternative tissue grafts when the first graft of choice is not available.

We are experts in biologics such as platelet rich plasma, skin grafts, and bone void fillers. In addition, we provide resources to support surgical procedures, cost management, and reimbursement solutions.

Customer Focused Support:

  • Contract negotiations and cost analysis
  • Physician research for product usage and continuing education
  • Territory development and supplemental product sales

“TsuSource is driven to maximize your Allograft tissue opportunities”

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